SRMK-1 BioBlox in Ioannina, Greece.

We thank SRMK-1 for accepting our proposal to proceed into the second phase of the process.

The feasibility study and the basic engineering been done in the second phase, will establish a BioBlox 2.7 installation.
This BioBlox will annually spare the environment of 442 tonnes of CO­2 emissions by treating 4 tn/d of poultry waste, converting them into 449.000 m3 of biogas /annum (gross power of 920 MWhe and 1.266 MWht /annum)


  • Plant location: Ioannina /Greece
  • Process: Dry anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Capacity: 1.460 tons of chicken droppings /year
  • Digester: Plug flow 2 x 90 m3
  • Liquid storage: Closed flexible tank (flexxotank) of 1.000 m3
  • CHP: 1 x 130 kW
  • Surface: 350 m2
  • Footprint: 130 m2
  • Start-up: 2016
  • Annual energy profit: € 180.000
  • WasteEnergy SA: Manages, maintains and operates the BioBlox


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