SÜTAŞ BioBox in Karacabey, Turkey

We thank SÜTAŞ for the purchase of it’s first BioBox unit

The first Sütaş BioBox project has been up and running for a while.
The BioBox unit was officially opened by Mr. Ilker Ihsan Cabukol, the General Manager of Enfas Enerji EU S.A. (Sütaş Group), on the 30th of November.
The production, installation and start-up of the BioBox unit is been concluded within a short period of 60 days.
The BioBox unit is accordingly configured in order to treat approx. 2,4 ton/d of chicken droppings, converting them into biogas and pasteurized homogeny fertilizer.


  • Plant location: Karacabey /Turkey
  • Process: Dry anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Capacity: 1.460 tons /year
  • Digester: Plug flow 1 x 90 m3
  • Surface: 85 m2
  • Footprint: 42 m2
  • Start-up: 2017-11-20
  • EES Mühendislik Ltd /SÜTAŞ: Manages, maintains and operates the BioBox