AllOptimal BV is founded 2015 in Den Hague, Netherlands to attend the individual organic waste production as a problem to solve, through our unique and highly innovative biodegradable organic waste management concept, the “BioBlox”.

Decentralised strategy: Centralized steered operations combined with centrally supported and coordinated outsourcing decentralize the operations, minimize the cost, and provide the flexibility and efficiency needed to increase the accessibility and applicability of our products.

A network of AllOptimal Regional Managers and Local Agents are responsible for the local sales, technical, and after-care operations and support. Dutch associate manufacturers and selected manufacturers within the regions of our operations are responsible for the production of our BioBlox modules.

Our turn-key projects are supported by our dedicated staff, close external associate engineers & Project managers (NL & DE), and by local carefully selected exclusive sales- and experienced technical Agents of strategically importance.


The development and engineering of our solutions maximize customers’ benefits.

With more than 37 years of experience and know-how in the processing of biodegradable waste, we offer optimal and practical circular solutions, balancing participant benefits and social responsibility.

AllOptimal’s activities concern the turnkey realization of waste processing lines at waste processing centers, before composting, and of Business integrated waste processing units in the manufacturing sector, under the brand name “BioBlox®”.

The engineering of the BioBlox, its continuous development, commercialization and its maintenance and management represent our main business focus.

The company’s and our partners principles are primarily to promote, to sale and to install the innovative BioBlox solutions by every suitable private and public organization worldwide and secondarily to fully maintain and operationally manage the installed systems and processes, in order to relieve the owner of the operational demands, to stimulate a profitable local “Plug and Play” waste management and to ensure the daily active emission reduction of CO2, NH3 and more.

Booth principles that are integrated in our business and supported by our staff, our international network, our reliable partners and our customers, are permanently guarded by our organization’s vision and mission and are being continuously technically pursued and supported by our expert engineers with experience in organic waste, in process management, in production process and in innovative engineering.

Are you aware that the biodegradable (organic) waste produced by your organization could easily be transformed into biogas (even electricity and hot water) as well as hygienized and homogenized organic fertilizer, while significantly decreasing the organization’s monthly expenses and Carbon footprint?

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A simple philosophy to ……share

AllOptimal, its personnel and its partners, supports a philosophy with a long-term vision! We strongly believe that the commercial benefits of an organization as well as the personal benefits of an individual can and should also be socially responsible in order to affect and positively influence and benefit the society, the planet and every life form in it. Restoration, preservation and long-term continuous profitability are a question of balance and balance is all we offer! Balance is all we preciously and infinitely seek! Balance is AllOptimal B.V.


People and Planet and Profit:
Economic growth is only sustainable if business activities are integrated with social and environmental priorities


AllOptimal B.V. stands for

  • Optimal order & installation procedures!
  • Optimal operation and service!
  • Optimal general conditions!
  • Optimal guarantees!
  • Optimal economy of scale and finances
    (purchase, operate & service paid by energy savings)
………leading to
  • Optimal waste management!
    (waste = raw materials)
  • Optimal energy use!
    (less use of energy from conventional sources)
  • Optimal company savings
    (increase the monthly profit & cash-flow)
  • Optimal and significant environmental policy!
    (actively less CO2, NH3, and other emissions due to the process, the use of self-produced energy, less transport, and less stimulation of conventional energy production. A procedure concerning direct suppliers down the chain of production to raw materials)
………resulting to
  • Certified active participants in the global CO2, NH3, etc. emission reduction
  • Sustainable (and in some cases independent) consumers of self produced energy
  • Sustainable, future-proof organizations that comply with environmental-related adjusting requirements and legislation and social demands.

Mission statement

AllOptimal will deploy scalable, attractive, accessible, and widely applicable solutions of circular biodegradable waste (BW) management for everyone and, in effect, convert their own BW into valuable resources, eventually even at home.


AllOptimal will make biodegradable waste (BW) treatment possible at an individual and personal level, as it will collectively contribute to a systematic reduction of global organic waste and emissions output.

Environment & People

AllOptimal B.V. wants to be part of the solution to the current environmental issues and positively influence people’s quality of life. It is a vital principle fully applicable to the purposes and objectives of the company, holding a leading role in the company’s strategy. We know that business, profit, people, and the environment are equally important factors to ensure long term success for all of them!

Our Partners