BOWTI turn-key treatment lines

  • Tailor-made Biodegradable (organic) Waste Treatment Installations (BOWTI) for centralized operations

  • Biogas plant & production of Electricity

  • Organic waste processing lines at waste processing centers, before composting,

A BOWTI facility is a large custom-made biodegradable treatment line designed to efficiently cover the anaerobic digestion process in four stages:

  • Preparation and hydrolysis of the substrates
  • Intensive digestion in special reactors
  • Secondary digestion of the liquid fraction of digestion combined with biogas storage
  • Biogas processing and conversion in Combined Heat and Power units.

The BOWTI plants for centralized waste management, assessing customer needs according to the socioeconomic landscape and proposing the best waste management solution.

Unique and innovative technological adjustments to the well-known methanization processes result in homogenized and hygienized fertilizer production, higher efficiency, and increased biogas productio,n demanding less service and energy consumption.


  • Waste management centers
  • Stand alone Investors object
  • Industrial


  • BOWTI Line-2
  • BOWTI Line vertical
  • BOWTI Line-1
  • BOWTI Lagoon-1

BOWTI bears decades of engineering and construction experience and is the result of dedication and commitment to bring circular solutions for projects of any size, with reduced auto-consumption of energy and emission of CO2, NH3 ect..


Significant circular environmental and financial policy!

Profitable solution with only benefits as consequence!

Convenient combination with composting facilities!

Become essential part of the solution