AllOptimal & WUR cooperation

AllOptimal & WUR (Wageningen University & Research) cooperation to combat the Organic Waste and Sargassum on the Dutch Caribbean. The project proposal submitted by AllOptimal for subsidizing a public- private partnership within the first joint TKI PPP call Agriculture, Water & Food, has resulted in a positive recommendation. The project’s target the Sustainable and Circular […]

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AO Agent Brabant /RDP

AllOptimal Agent active in North Brabant (NL & BE) RDP Development B.V. represents formally now AllOptimal in the province of Noord-Brabant and in that capacity also supervises the 1st BioBlox® project in Bakel. PDR Development B.V. was founded in 2007 and is led by Rogier van Meenen. The company is engaged in strategies for reducing […]

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Strategic Alliance of AllOptimal & BioBox-E

AllOptimal and BioBox-E has strategically committed to another. AllOptimal BV, the commercial leader of the organization and BioBox-e BV, the technical provider operates today in a strategic alliance heading to a formal Group formation in the near future. In the course of our organisational development, we in AllOptimal are in a continuously movement in order […]

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