BioBlox® VDM++ 5.000m3 (Wet-AD 50.NL11.1802)

We are thankful for the realization opportunity of current BioBlox for Manure

The start of the first BioBlox VDM++ in the Netherlands to circularly treat manure has been given. At a dairy-, and sow farm in Southeast Brabant, construction of the concrete foundation for the 1st BioBlox VDM++ project to be introduced in the Netherlands started in June. For the project, both SDE+ and PO3 subsidies were granted to the farm.

With the BioBlox VDM++ plant the farmer, will manage and convert its annual constant manure production of 4,300 m3, from dairy and sow farming, circular-economic into hygienized, homogenised and stackable fertilizer and green energy, while decreasing the farms emissions of CO2, and NH3 to minimum levels!

Project specs

  • Plant location: Netherlands /Brabant
  • Process: Liquid anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Digester: (Mono)BioBlox VDM++ 1 x 150 m3
  • Lagoon: 0 m3
  • Surface: 150 m2
  • Footprint: 150 m2

Operation specs

  • Capacity : 4.300 m3
  • Biogas produced : 155.000 m3
  • Electricity production : 270 MWh
  • Heat production: 540 MWh
  • Estimated Start-up: Jan 2022
  • RDP NL (AO-Agent): Monitoring & Maintainance