BioBlox® VDM++ 5.000m3 (Wet-AD 50.NL11.1802)

The pandemic aftermath and the war East of EU unfortunately catches up!

The current global market development and the war between Russia and Ukraine forces also the BioBlox VDM++ realization activities temporary on a slow modus.

Irregulations down the supply chain concerning unusual limitation of raw materials and unexpected suddenly adjusted longer supply terms that systematically disadvantage the project, sets now forth causing unavoidable further decrease of the realization speed at the project’s final stage.

The new planned start up date is set for the second half of Jun.

Project specs

  • Plant location: Netherlands /Brabant
  • Process: Liquid anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Digester: (Mono)BioBlox VDM++ 1 x 150 m3
  • Lagoon: 0 m3
  • Surface: 150 m2
  • Footprint: 150 m2

Operation specs

  • Capacity : 4.300 m3
  • Biogas produced : 155.000 m3
  • Electricity production : 270 MWh
  • Heat production: 540 MWh
  • Estimated Start-up: Jan 2022
  • RDP NL (AO-Agent): Monitoring & Maintainance