BOWTI Release 500kWhe (Dry-AD 193.GR12.1902)

Release of Dry Anaerobic Digestion Line to a capacity of 500kWe

The supply of AllOptimal conducts part of the customers greater multidisciplinary plant, which consists of two separate lines for the total production of >999 kWhe and a greenery that efficiently absorb heat and fertilizer produced by these lines during their process of biodegradable waste treatment.

With this open_in_new_window=”yes”BOWTI line alone, approx. 14,000 tons of certain mixtures of biodegradable fiber including organic waste will annually be processed into hygienized and homogenized soil improvers for a period of more than 20 years, generating approx. 80,000MWh of green electricity directly supplied to the electricity grid during that whole period.

Project specs

  • Plant location: Greece
  • Process: Dry anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Digester: Plug flow 1 x 750 m3
  • Lagoon: 4-month storage 1 x 2.800 m3
  • Surface: – m2
  • Footprint: – m2

Operation specs

  • Capacity : 14.000 tons
  • Biogas produced : 2.000.000 m3
  • Electricity production : 4.000 MWh
  • Heat production: 5.600 MWh
  • WasteEnergy SA: Monitors & Maintains the line