Strategic Alliance of AllOptimal & BioBox-E

AllOptimal and BioBox-E has strategically committed to another.

AllOptimal BV, the commercial leader of the organization and BioBox-e BV, the technical provider operates today in a strategic alliance heading to a formal Group formation in the near future.

In the course of our organisational development, we in AllOptimal are in a continuously movement in order to improve and to strengthen our organization and our services maintaining in the same time intact our vision and our mission as originally set. We attend this by embracing long-term effective collaborations and efficient co-operations within our company’s peripherals, but also beyond via our growing network of reliable Agents, Subcontractor Manufacturers and other complimentary and compatible parties worldwide.

The OGIN & BioBox-E BV’s nearly 40 years of significant involvement in the development of waste management and methanization, conducts a technical fundament to our goals.