Active CO2 Reducer Certificate!

Become essential part of the solution. Be proud and to share it!

By taking the step to make your organization (and its cash flow) more efficient with the BioBlox concept, you are actually choosing to actively participate in the greatest yet undefined ongoing global mutual environmental offensive ever — a worldwide offensive Initiated by governments and organisations across the world, determined to collectively restore the environmental balance in order to ensure the future of our children and of every other life form on this planet and beyond. An offensive being even further supported by the rapidly increasing integration of permanent durable solutions on commercial activities.

The Active CO2-Reducer certificate provides you with a strong commercial and clear communicative corporate tool that enables your organization to state the above, among other facts, with its easy implementable (and available to you) awareness logotype.

Maximize your benefits as a certified Active CO2 Reducer:

  • Make it part of your corporate image
  • Implement the logotype
    • on the organizations public documents
    • on letters
    • on envelopes
    • on emails
    • on corporate sites
    • in your marketing strategy
    • in your campaigns
  • Set daily increasing CO2-, Energy-, and Waste counters on the corporate site
  • Share your daily /annually CO2 reduction
    • in your line of business
    • to your customers
    • to your suppliers
  • Use it for media statements
  • Encourage others to explore the BioBlox solution


In a few words, with the Active CO2-Reducer Certificate, your organization states:

  • the optimum management of its organic waste
  • its environmental friendly energy savings
  • its specific and justified daily actual savings of CO2 emissions
  • its single handed and collectively positive environmental influence
  • an innovative and responsible pioneer spirit
  • its actual care and choice for action over intention