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Bild Green Elephant

Every GreenBox or BioBlox customer will become one of the many local active CO2-reducers that collectively and with a minimum of effort will assist AllOptimal to significantly decrease the global carbon footprint, to protect the environment and to increase the quality of life for every living creature.

Surface 120-180 m2
Footprint           40 m2 approx.*
Min waste daily         500 Kg
Max waste daily      1.000 Kg
Customer Effort /Labor None **
HCP /Generator included NO
CO2 reduction X
Biogas X
Heat X
Fertilizer X

  * Depending on the surface layout!
** Applicable AllOptimal Total Care service contract!

  • CO2 Reduction
  • Less waste production
  • Less waste and power transport
  • Self-sufficient and independent of conventional energy
  • Water resources protection
  • Biogas production
  • Fertilizer production

  • Green profile
  • Certification Active CO2-reducer certification
  • Reputation
  • Sales increase
  • Capabilities of using the installation for educational purposes
  • Positive proposal guarantee ensuring the outcome of any proposal, suggesting a profitable concept. In case the basic engineering shows negative profitability while the company details provided by you are accurate, any amount payd by your organization to AllOptimal and/or local partners will be refunded within 10 days.
  • Manufacturing guarantee on material and installations by the manufacturer. Valid according to the manufacturers regulations.
  • Functionality guarantee concerning the performance of BioBlox. Valid 12 (twelve) months after complete installation of the plant or 16 (sixteen) months after the supply of the material, whichever is earlier.
  • Operational & Performance guarantee in reference to the calculated waste processing capacity including a possible waste increase of % in the future. Valid all period the AllOptimal Total Care service contract applies. ***
*** AllOptimal Total Care service contract is obligatory for operational guarantee to apply!

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