AllOptimal in Dutch Caribbean

AllOptimal sets course to combat the Organic Waste and Sargassum on the Dutch Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The TKI consortium (AllOptimal, WUR, ECN-TNO, and private companies) is now a fact.

The cooperation agreement has been signed by the parties on March and the project proposal submitted by AllOptimal for subsidizing a public- private partnership within the first joint TKI PPP call Agriculture, Water & Food, has bees granted and effectuated.

The project’s target the Sustainable and Circular Organic Waste and Sargassum Management on Dutch Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Research period: 2022-2024 – Research and pilot for further implementation of the Bioblox® Installation in the Dutch Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Other parties are WUR Food, WUR Marine, WUR Economy, WUR Plant, ECN-TNO, and partners from the private sector.