WUR Publishing: Final report Sargassum in Mexico

From environmental problem to valuable resource

An interesting scientific study conducted by the Wageningen Food & Biobased Research institute, including the contribution of AllOptimal B.V. with its expertise in fermentation technology and the fermentation of Sargassum.

The report describes the origin of the Sargasso problem and the harmful consequences for coral and other organisms /plants in the sea, but also for humans and animals in general when landing on the coast. Furthermore, it has major adverse economic consequences for tourism.

The biodegradable process starting 72 hours later is dangerous for nature and people due to the rotting process on-, and by the beach and the release of toxic gases and heavy metals, e.g. arsenic etc.

It requires a lot of annual attention and large government and business investments to control, collect and handle the Sargasso to some extent.

The Sargasso is difficult to process and/or to utilize and is an international problem that requires permanent solutions.

This study looks at the cause of the problem, evaluates possible solutions and concludes the processing by means of fermentation as the best method.

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