AllOptimal B.V.

Energy saving Waste management

We will develop the smallest and most effective biodegradable organic waste management systems, suitable and even profitable for businesses, small bio-waste producing environments and even homes.

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We Simplify Organic Waste Treatment
⊕ Effective, affordable & easily applicable environmental policy!
⊕ Reduces waste, CO2 & NH3 emissions, & saves Energy!
⊕ Suitable component for almost any organization!
⊕ Profitable concept with only benefits as consequence!

You can’t afford NOT to have one!

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tons of less CO2

…will the total annual CARBON FOOTPRINT reduction minimum count in 2027. Together with all our Active CO2-Reducers, we will make a significant difference in our surroundings!
(* Approx. target 1)


tons of less WASTE

…will the total annual WASTE PRODUCTION minimum count in 2027. Thanks to all our BioBlox users, we will alter people’s daily habits and concept of “garbage”!
(* Approx. target 2)



…will the total annual BioBlox CLEAN ENERGY PRODUCTION minimum count in 2027. An alternative of great importance providing even partial energy independency to BioBlox users!
(* Approx. target 3)


(€) Euro

…will the total of all BioBlox user’s annual COMPANY SAVINGS minimum count in 2027. Active participation in sustainability actually increases the company profits!
(* Approx. target 4)]

Food waste = Money waste

Stop wasting resources. Global issues to be solved! The Irish catering sector alone throws more than €200 Million euro latterly in the garbage, “funding” that way more waste and CO2 production! …..Where’s the BioBlox?


AO-certified Active CO2-Reducer!

Avoid to observe the problem. Become part of the solution! By taking the step to make your organization (and its cash flow) more efficient, you are actually choosing to actively participate and make a difference.

GreenBox… the first step to BioBlox.

The innovative and profitable BioBlox concept with only benefits as consequence, enables an organization to significantly expand its environmental policy, by simple way, the responsible management of its every-days organic waste!

Avoid observing the problem, hoping for a better tomorrow!

* Become essential part of the solution!
* Join and share the profits!
* Find out what we can do for you and what you can do for others!

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Why choose AllOptimal?

AllOptimal, partners and customer form together an active part of the solution to the current environmental issues, having a positive influence in people’s quality of life. This is a strong principle fully implemented in the purposes and objectives of our organization, holding a leading role in the company’s strategy. We are convinced that business, profits, people, and environment are necessary essential parts of equal importance in order to ensure sustainability on the long term.

We assist you to think out of the box and into the BIOBLOX

AllOptimal B.V. stands for

  • Optimal order & installation procedures!
  • Optimal operation and service of unit!
  • Optimal general conditions!
  • Optimal guarantees!
  • Optimal finance and economics
    (purchase, operate & service paid by savings)

* No subsidies or special programs required!


AllOptimal’s offers

  • Circular waste management
  • Renewable energy for the organization
  • Monthly savings on company costs
  • AllOptimal active CO2-reducer certification
  • Guaranteed lifetime and performance
  • Full Operational & Service contract