BOWTI 500kWhe (Dry-AD 193.GR12.1902)

We are thankful for the order of current Dry Anaerobic Digestion Line

The supply of AllOptimal conducts part of the customers greater multidisciplinary plant, which consists of two separate lines for the total production of >999 kWhe and a greenery that will efficiently absorb heat and fertilizer produced by these lines during the process.

With this line alone, approx. 14,000 tons of certain mixtures of biodegradable fiber including organic waste will annually be processed into hygienized and homogenized soil improvers for a period of more than 20 years, generating approx. 80,000MWh of green electricity to be supplied to the electricity grid during that whole period.

The AllOptimal 500 kWhe BOWTI line consists of two components; Supply of Engineering & Hardware and Assistance of Installation & Startup.

Project specs

  • Plant location: Greece
  • Process: Dry anaerobic thermophilic digestion
  • Digester: Plug flow 1 x 750 m3
  • Lagoon: 4-month storage 1 x 2.800 m3
  • Surface: – m2
  • Footprint: – m2

Operation specs

  • Capacity : 14.000 tons
  • Biogas produced : 2.000.000 m3
  • Electricity production : 4.000 MWh
  • Heat production: 5.600 MWh
  • Estimated Start-up: July 2021
  • WasteEnergy SA: Monitors & Maintains the line