BioBlox® VDM++ 5.000m3 (Wet-AD 50.NL11.1802)

We are thankful for the realization opportunity of current BioBlox for Manure The start of the first BioBlox VDM++ in the Netherlands to circularly treat manure has been given. At a dairy-, and sow farm in Southeast Brabant, construction of the concrete foundation for the 1st BioBlox VDM++ project to be introduced in the Netherlands started in […]

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BOWTI 500kWhe (Dry-AD 193.GR12.1902)

We are thankful for the order of current Dry Anaerobic Digestion Line The supply of AllOptimal conducts part of the customers greater multidisciplinary plant, which consists of two separate lines for the total production of >999 kWhe and a greenery that will efficiently absorb heat and fertilizer produced by these lines during the process. With […]

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